Welcome to Greater Boston Aquarium Hobbyist Club

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Welcome to Greater Boston Aquarium Hobbyist Club

Post by Sean on Tue Feb 24, 2015 1:03 pm

Hello All Members & Guests

Welcome to the Greater Boston Aquarium Hobbyist Club. We are a small online nonprofit community with the purpose of expanding the aquarium hobby throughout the Greater Boston area. Our goal is to make the hobby more fun , convenient ,educational , friendly and popular. We encourage everyone from bowl keepers to
And keepers alike to join in on our community. We are not out to compete with other clubs and we strongly encourage everyone to try and see what's out there for the hobby. We want to make our impact in the hobby and see where this can all go one day. If we encourage the hobby to newcomers we can make the demand higher and local fish stores will return and the hobby will be able to expand to a great potential again. Our steps start here.and its up to you to help keep moving.


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